Natural Cape Breton


204 Bennett Road

Three-bedroom cottage. Has all amenities: electric, well, septic, dishwasher, etc. Flower beds with lilies, and more. Front room is an add-on with screened sliding-glass doors giving an "outside-feel" to the room. The three bedrooms are located on the 2nd floor.

Welcome to 204 Bennett Road, a 3-bedroom cottage oasis of peace, greenery, and modern conveniences. 1 km from Cabot Trail. (That is not a fox in the picture, that is our dog. Though we have seen a fox on the property that looked very much like this dog. Dog not included in purchase price, LOL)

Home sweet home... or home away from home... Whichever way it is, a beautiful spot, surrounded by nature, with garden area, greenhouses, detached garage/shed, and lots of fresh air. Only 1 km from Cabot Trail and the Margaree River.

Front room of the cabin has 4 sliding glass doors (2 in the front, and one on each end). This light and airy room is currently used as the living-room. Another add-on section is located in the back (unfinished, but being used as a storage/utility room and possible 4th bedroom).

Sit and enjoy the fresh air and watch the colorful fall leaves. Exterior of house: cedar shingles.

Greenhouse is attached to the house (one on each side). This side has shelving and potting area workspace. An electric heat-regulated fan turns on to vent the greenhouse when the temperature reaches the maximum-desired temperature. The matching greenhouse on the other side is currently used as a dry firewood storage area.

Attached "half-greenhouse" at work. Water barrels help regulate the temperature, keeping the air warmer on those cool fall nights. Has drip irrigation system throughout greenhouse (for hanging baskets as well as greenhouse bed).

Stand-alone greenhouse is set up with timed drip-irrigation system. Currently planted with tomatoes. Outside beds hold herbs such as oregano, thyme, parsley, peppermint, borage, garlic, and more. Soil in all beds was amended with horse manure. Another (more than double the size) garden section of raised beds just to the front of this area.

Front room with sliding glass doors with screens. Great place to sit and relax and watch the hummingbirds and robins (or watch TV, or work on the big screen computer, or watch the fire through the glass in the wood stove).

The right hand side of the room houses the new "Franklin-style" wood stove which is used to heat the front room as well as the main part of the house. Vent, which is thermostat-regulated, shares the heat to the upstairs. Main room and bathroom downstairs can also be heated with the electric baseboard heaters (separate thermostat for main room than for bathroom).

Country kitchen with "tons" of cabinets and counter space. Very "user-friendly" kitchen. Cabinets made from solid wood.

View from the kitchen area to the dining area of the room.

The master bedroom (upstairs) has been divided, by a closet, into two sections: an office/sitting area and bedroom (photo below).

Master bedroom which is adjoining sitting area/office (picture just above this one).

2nd bedroom with window overlooking the back of the property.

3rd (and smallest) bedroom upstairs. Originally had two cots for young children.